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Birth Center

Labors of Love Birth Center was conceived after much thought and prayer. We felt the women of the Upstate, needed to have another option for their maternity care. After practicing midwifery exclusively for the home birth women, we were being ask if there were any birth centers in the area. After over a year of thinking, looking at building, meeting with county and city planners, DHEC officials, Fire inspectors, zoning officials. We opened our doors in May of 2008.

We believe this to have been one of the best things that we could have done for the women of the upstate, to give them options for their birth experience.

Today after being open for over 11 years and our midwives delivered over 1000 babies, this is still a labor of love for us.

Please call us with your midwifery questions, come to meet us at our meet the midwives event at 7PM, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month , or just stop in to have look at the birth center.

This poem, written by Linda Weaver LM, CPM, hangs at the birth center.


A plain old brick building
with a completely new plan
A safe haven for women
And construction began
As family came together
And friend gratefully pitched in
To create cozy spaces
Enhancing the comfort therein
Like immense puzzle pieces
Each aspect fell into place
An accomplishment so great
For us each to embrace
We pushed exhausted bodies
To complete our work here
Minds focused on mothers and babies
And our hearts filled with cheer
A task deemed so special
And commissioned from Above
This center is truly the fruit
Of our Labors-of-Love

Copyright @ Linda Weaver 2008
Used with permission

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