Certified in Water Birth

Water Births

Our Goal

Positive outcome for you and your baby

Benefits for Mom

  • Our deep Sanajet tubs provide comfort during your birthing time. Many call this the midwife’s epidural
  • Experience warmth, comfort and support during labor
  • Have more ease of movement
  • May provide more effective labor
  • Increased relaxation
  • Supports tissues of the perineum
  • Reduces sensory stimulation
  • Promotes early bonding
  • Less stress, more endorphins (feel good hormones)

Benefits for Baby

  • A more natural transition
  • Immediate bonding with parents
  • Warm, familiar environment
  • Less traumatic birth
  • Softer light
  • Buoyancy leads to more oxygen to baby

Home or Birth Center

  • We have amazing Sanijet tubs at the birth center
  • For Home births, our fee includes the use of a birth tubs. We will deliver it at your home visit